How Plants Do it: Light, Oxygen, Action! Professor Vittal Yachandra

Subject: Biology I loved this lecture. It’s a simple topic, but you realise how little we actually know about photosynthesis and how it’s crucial in understanding how we can help the planet. It also gives a good picture of the life of a scientist and how much progress in technology has helped scientific research. And…

Should the UK grow more food? Professor Tim Lang

Subject: Sustainability This is a life changing lecture. Well, it got me back buying a veg box again. But it does make you think about what we eat, even if it sometimes leaves me more confused about what I should purchase. I love his holistic approach to sourcing food. And he is clearly so passionate…

How to choose a lecture

These are the things we have learnt to do whilst choosing a lecture: Step 1: get your search engine going! I’ve found the easiest way to find them is to search for an institution and go through their public lectures. Watch out! A lot of public lectures on websites are details of lectures which are…

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