How to choose a lecture

These are the things we have learnt to do whilst choosing a lecture:

  • Step 1: get your search engine going! I’ve found the easiest way to find them is to search for an institution and go through their public lectures. Watch out! A lot of public lectures on websites are details of lectures which are in person only. Feel free to go to these if you can, but I’m usually looking for ones that have been recorded.
  • Pick random: go for a topic that you really know nothing about. They have been some of our most enjoyable.
  • Book promotion: we’ve learnt to avoid lectures that promote a book. We’ve watched lectures based around a book and they tend to not say very much except “read my book”. We have, however, had some good book recommendations through these lectures. But it’s not why we watch a lecture.
  • Era: personally I like to see a lecture theatre full of people, rather than a zoom lecture made in lockdown. I’m the same with my general TV viewing. Not that zoom lectures are bad – they just make me feel sad.

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